Active Home Technology offer a range of Back to Base Monitoring options. Your alarm can be set up for Back to Base Monitoring via a phone line, or using a Permaconn dialler.

Back to Base monitoring is an excellent security addition for homes and businesses alike. It offers added security and peace of mind knowing that if an alarm was to activate at your premises, you will be notified and appropriate action can be taken. If an event can be confirmed, the required emergency service will be called on your behalf.

Below is a visual representation of the process that occurs when an event happens.

Pocket Secure

Pocket Secure is a Smartphone app that enables end-users to remotely arm, disarm and check the state of their alarm system. It also allows users to control multiple sites (e.g. home and shop), and review actions which the alarm has recently performed.

Pocket Secure does require the end-user to have an active Back to Base monitoring subscription, and a working Permaconn unit installed.

The Pocket Secure App is currently available on iTunes and the Google Play Store,  and is being developed for Windows.

Find below a range of screenshots from the Pocket Secure app.


Permaconn units are 3G or 4G communicators that reports via 3G or 4G network and IP to the monitoring center.

They eliminate the need for a fixed phone line and offer higher security for your premises.

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